Get Closer To Self-Care With Choosing Boxes Served By Urban Kanyaa such as Gift Boxes and Personalized Gift Boxes .

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Urban Kanyaa, Your True Partner In Self-Care
Anniversary, birthday or baby shower pampering is the best gift you can give a woman! Spoil her with unique and high-quality self-care products that are made with heart and packed by hand. 

Gift them something unique, gift them an Urban Kanyaa box. Do you want to choose your box? We've got you covered. Simply text us and we'll send in a 5-minute quiz to help you choose your products quickly. 

What's more? You can even start a self-care subscription that will take care of your skin care, hair care and emotional care. We have a variety of self-care boxes fit for sleep, working from home, bathing and more!

Urban Kanyaa comes out with a new theme every single month! The products in box as per the theme will help you relax and have a pampering time. As per theme of the month, we prepare boxes. We take feedback and create boxes according to our customers demands. From self-care beauty products to women accessories, stationery, sanitary items and more, our boxes are filled with variety of products that are of supreme quality.

What Makes Our Boxes So Special?

  • Every box is carefully hand-packed and it is made sure that every self-care box is curated as per clients self-care requirements. 
  • Our boxes are heartfelt gifts which makes them truly stand out from any other gifts.
  • We work with local brands to bring unique products to you.
  • Our pricing makes self-care affordable for anyone. 
  • Our each box apart from some amazing products comes with self-care exercises. 
  • We have a new box every month.

Our Process  

We curate and put our best efforts to prepare each box with great love and care for our clients. From choosing theme to final delivery of boxes, we do everything with sincerity because for us, our buyers are our strength. Below cited is our process of making an Urban Kanyaa Box.

  • Decisions: The first thing we do is selecting theme of the month and what all products will go in the ideal box. We do everything with superb excitement thinking how buyers will react upon the box and how excellently products kept inside will amaze them. Hence, with proper decision-making, we move towards the next step.
  • Reality Check: We search for quality focused suppliers who have unique and interesting products. Our company connect with supplier partners or find new ones. We make sure every supplier fits the requirements of having quality focused approach and is indulged in only offering the best quality. We then work on to get best prices.
  • Trial & Testing: After the quality checklist, we personally examine all products at our end in order to confirm that they are not harmful and know the experience of their usage. Strict quality checking shows that we care for our buyers.
  • Wrap It Up: We work hard for impressive packing of our boxes and make use of glitter, satin ribbons and many other nicest things. This is because, we have this aim of giving the best experience of unboxing our superb quality boxes. 
  • Sending Them Out: With all excitement to see our buyers response, we deliver boxes on time. We also eagerly wait for feedback of our buyers. 

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